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Leadership Training

Leadership Training is critical to the successful performance of all managers and leaders. Most managers do not receive formal leadership development prior to assuming a leadership role which can make the role challenging for many. HRBS can enable leaders to achieve their goals through blended leadership development solutions.  Our solutions include structured training, 360 leadership feedback, Executive Coaching and Leadership Profiling assessments.

HRBS offers a suite of leadership training modules in both a full day and half day format including the following modules:

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • Developing Influencing Skills
  • Having tough conversations
  • The Leaders role in managing workplace change
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Building Culture and Values
  • Leader as Performance Coach
  • Resilient Leadership
  • Behavioural Interviewing Techniques
  • Managing Different Personalities


HRBS offers leadership profiling assessments to create self-awareness of individual leaders' strengths and development opportunities.  Leadership profiling assessments include a leadership profile (measuring leadership style, thinking style, motivation and resilience) and emotional intelligence profile.  Each leader receives a customised report and an individual development plan on key leadership strengths and areas for growth and development.

Recruitment & Interviewing Training
This 1 day workshop will provide you with the practical skills, confidence and tools to conduct GREAT interviews by using a range of interview techniques to ensure you hire well and avoid costly recruitment mistakes and regrettable hires.
Designing Leaders
Managing the performance of employees is critical to being an effective leader. However, often managers and leaders do not have the necessary interpersonal tools or skills to coach employees to improve or enhance performance. Often this “conversation” is left for the annual formal performance review process and unfortunately for some employees this is the first time they receive feedback about their performance. Performance conversations are too important to be having only at review time.
Training Workshops
At HRBS we customise and deliver a range of interactive half and full day leadership workshops aimed at improving the effectiveness, communication and performance of your people
HRBS offers a training program for Managers called 'See it and Say It - Proactive Performance Management'. 'See it Say it' (SISI) is when you see behaviour or performance that is unacceptable and you say something immediately while the issue is small and before it escalates - it is a proactive performance management strategy.

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We offer the full 360 degree solution to your people management – from Industrial Relations to Human Resources to Organisational Development – HRBS is your “one stop shop”. With our team of expert consultants, led by Managing Director Tina Radford we are truly passionate about creating high-performance cultures, developing leaders and performance management.

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